Independent Insurance Agents of Dubuque

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

An independent agent can do important things for you:

Agents have at their disposal the ability to quickly check prices and coverage’s with dozens of different insurance companies. Since rates vary widely an independent agent can very likely get you a better deal then you can get for yourself.

Independent agents are a one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs. An agent typically doesn’t sell just auto insurance. They also sell homeowners, renters, health and life insurance, business insurance, etc. Use them to handle all of your insurance in one place.

Insurance is a complicated subject. It’s an agent’s business to understand it, and to communicate it to you so you understand it as well. In almost all cases an ordinary consumer will benefit from having someone who can sit down with you in person and evaluate your needs in order to give sound advice for your specific situation.

Real life reasons why you should have a Personal Umbrella?